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How does Make’s metal filing cabinet key lock realize security protection?

In the field of office furniture, file cabinets are an indispensable and important part. Compared with wooden filing cabinets, the superiority of metal cabinets is more significant: it is light in weight, easy to move, and can be fire-proof, moisture-proof, insect-proof, and corrosion-proof.

How does Make's metal filing cabinet key lock realize security protection? - Trade News - 1

As we all know, metal cabinets are mostly used as office data cabinets, file cabinets, drawing cabinets, etc. Based on the safety requirements of these occasions, the safety performance of metal cabinet locks can not be ignored. Nowadays, the locks used in metal cabinets are quite diverse: both traditional key locks and trendy smart electronic locks. The use of these locks provides users with more choices. Today, we will talk about how Make key locks provide security protection for metal cabinets.


Common key locks for metal cabinets mainly include flat key locks, dimple key locks and tubular locks. Each type of lock has its advantages and disadvantages.


1. Flat key lock

The flat key lock is one of the commonly used locks for metal cabinets. The flat key lock is a traditional mechanical lock. The flat key lock is generally simple in structure and does not have strong anti-theft performance. After many years of research and development, Make has produced a new structure of the flat key lock, which has a higher security level and can effectively prevent technical opening.


2. Dimple key lock

This is also a key lock commonly used in metal cabinets. The principle is to use multiple cylindrical parts of different heights (called pins) to lock the lock cylinder. When the correct key is inserted, the lock springs are pushed to the same height, and the lock cylinder is released. The advantage of the dimple key lock is that the unlocking is relatively smooth, and it is convenient to operate and use. Make dimple key lock has more key combination than ordinary dimple key locks of the same length and has higher security.

How does Make's metal filing cabinet key lock realize security protection? - Trade News - 2

3. Tubular lock

Tubular locks are also commonly used key locks. The upper and lower rows of ps of the tubular lock are distributed in a ring shape; the key is a tube, small and precise, with a large number of key combination, which can be used in places with higher requirements.


As one of the office furniture we use every day, due to different uses, correspondingly, the locks used in metal cabinets are also different. But no matter which type of lock is used, the safety performance of the metal cabinet lock will be our main consideration. Only by deeply understanding how these key locks achieve safety protection can we better choose the right locks.



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