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What are the commonly used key cam locks for office furniture?

For office workers, office furniture is inseparable from our daily work. Office furniture not only meets our office needs, but also accompanies us most of our working hours. With the pursuit of office beauty, privacy and security, the choice of office furniture locks has also become very important.


Although smart office furniture locks are emerging one after another, key cam locks still have an unshakable position in the field of office furniture. On the one hand, the key cam lock is more convenient to use, on the other hand, the key cam lock is more cost-effective, which can reduce a lot of costs. So, what are the main key cam locks currently used in office furniture? What are their advantages?


Flat key lock

Flat key locks are widely used in office furniture. Their price is relatively cheap. Due to its stable structure and easy installation and operation, it can be widely accepted by the public. The flat key lock can be used for some office furniture that does not require high security, such as office drawers. But for some office furniture with higher security requirements, the flat key lock can also achieve a higher level of security and anti-theft, such as Make’s patent locks M1 and M3.

What are the commonly used key cam locks for office furniture?(图1)

Dimple key lock

Compared with the flat key lock, the most prominent advantage of the dimple key lock is that the unlocking is relatively smooth, so it can be applied to office furniture that is opened more frequently. With the improvement of technology, three line of pins dimple key lock have appeared, which greatly improves the security performance of the lock. Make’s dimple key lock is equipped with a high-security dimple key system, with strong safety performance, smooth unlocking feel, and easy installation.

What are the commonly used key cam locks for office furniture?(图2)

Tubular key lock

The tubular cam lock, the key structure is a tubular structure, and the safety performance is better. Because the unlocking method is quite different, the operation is a little more complicated. But the tubular lock also has its own unique advantages: it can be equippted with a master key system. This advantage allows the tubular cam lock to be easily managed, so it is more suitable for office furniture such as filing cabinets. Make tubular cam locks include MK100B series, MK101B series and MK101AS series. Each series contains a variety of specifications. The length of the cam can be customized and the anti-drilling steel ball can be configured according to the needs of customers, which can effectively prevent the lock from being damaged.

What are the commonly used key cam locks for office furniture?(图3)

Make’s key cam locks are of high quality and cost-effective, and have won the recognition of customers at home and abroad. In the future, Make office furniture locks will continue to provide security for thousands of office workers, and protect everyone’s privacy and office security!



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