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Thin to 10mm, Make electronic lock redefine ultra-thin!

With the development of technology, the concept of intelligence has penetrated into all areas of daily life. The smart security industry is constantly upgrading with smart electronic locks as the core. With the pursuit of thinner and lighter smart products, more and more smart electronic lock manufacturers have gradually realized that consumers need smarter locks that are thinner.


The MK731 ultra-thin electronic code lock is a new product launched by Make. It not only meets the current consumer demand for light, thin and concise smart electronic locks, but also a testimony to the development and growth of Make’s smart electronic lock family. It represents the breakthrough and surpassing of technological design level and R&D and manufacturing strength of Make.


MK731 focuses on ultra-thin, with a 10mm ultra-thin lock housing, which is much thinner than most smart electronic locks on the market, allowing you to enjoy the modern ultra-thin technological sense. The outer shell is made of zinc alloy and is tempered through multiple processes. It is matched with noble silver/classic black color, which is elegant, full of minimalism. The all-metal zinc alloy shell can effectively prevent the surface of the lock from being worn and scratched.


In terms of performance, MK731 is not inferior. Possessing a strong core and stable performance. 12-digit password keypad buttons, hundreds of millions of password combinations, make safety more secure; four-level management system, equipped with a master key for emergency unlocking, free conversion between public mode and private mode, lock management is more convenient.


The surface of MK731 is IP55 rigorous surface treatment. Whether it is in the bathing center, swimming pool, gym, MK731 can always maintain the same quality, rust prevention and moisture-proof.

Thin to 10mm, Make electronic lock redefine ultra-thin! - Trade News - 3

At the same time, MK731 is also a breathing lock. When the lock is occupied, the green LED light flashes once every 6 seconds, which is convenient for users to distinguish.


As a new ultra-thin electronic code lock developed by Make, MK731 is at the forefront of the industry in terms of design, safety performance and other details. In the future, Make will continue to innovate to create more safe, reliable and fashion-leading smart electronic locks for more users!



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