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An important lock for gym lockers-Make Smart Cabinet Lock

The pace of life is getting faster and faster, and many people go to the gym to exercise. In addition to professional equipment, gyms also has the necessary infrastructure. Yes, that is the locker. With the development of intelligence in the fitness service industry, the use of smart devices in gyms has become a symbol of fashion, and the use of locks on lockers is also smart. Today, Make recommends a locker lock-Make Smart Cabinet Lock.

An important lock for gym lockers-Make Smart Cabinet Lock(图1)

What kind of environment can Make smart cabinet locks bring to the gym? Follow me.


Safe and secure storage environment

The safety of the gym locker has long been a common topic. In public places, everyone is most concerned about safety of goods. Make Smart Cabinet Lock MK731, the password can be set and changed by the user. MK731 also has three levels of management, which is convenient for manager.


Comfortable and convenient storage environment

With the improvement of living standards, the public’s pursuit of quality life has penetrated into every detail of life. A comfortable and clean fitness environment is a “powerful magic weapon” for the gym to attract customers. Make Smart Cabinet Lock MK731 can create a comfortable and convenient storage environment for you.

An important lock for gym lockers-Make Smart Cabinet Lock(图2)

High-end and elegant storage environment

In addition to security, the MK731 is also a smart cabinet lock that makes you feel elegant. MK731 simple and elegant appearance, convenient external handle, when the need to open or close the door, gently force can be closed, so that users always keep elegant. In addition, MK731 adopts buckle installation, without screws, will not damage the locker, so that the gym storage environment is more high-end elegant.


Make’s smart cabinet lock will help the gym locker to create a safe, secure, convenient and comfortable, high-end and elegant storage environment! If you want to get more detailed information about Make smart cabinet locks, please contact us!



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