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Make electronic password lock MK731, help to improve the temperament of cabinet

As a product of the intelligent age, the electronic code lock has grasped the hearts of the majority of users, and has been widely used in various scenarios, especially for cabinets in some high-end places. Make smart electronic locks have various types, covering multiple unlocking methods such as passwords, rfid cards, and fingerprints. So, what kind of experience is it to use Make electronic password lock?


The lock used in the locker determines its temperament. See how the electronic combination lock MK731 makes the locker unique!


Metal housing, strong performance

MK731 adopts an all-metal body and is made by multiple processes. It is very sturdy and durable, not easy to wear. The lock cylinder with stable performance. MK731 has a waterproof rating of IP55. It has undergone strict surface treatment, waterproof and anti-corrosion, even in humid and high temperature environments, it can still perform stably and protect property safety.


High security, management more convenient

MK731 has 12 security button keypad, making the locker safer. Equipped with a four-level management system, corresponding to different usage rights, bringing a more convenient experience for the locker management personnel. MK731 also has an emergency lock cylinder, when encountering an emergency, the master key can be used for emergency unlocking. In addition, the public and private mode also make the management of MK731 more convenient.

Make electronic password lock MK731, help to improve the temperament of cabinet - Trade News - 2

Thin & slim

MK731 has a 10mm profile, which perfectly fits various cabinets. Simple but stylish. The color including classic black and noble silver, highlighting the noble quality.


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