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Advantages of the RFID Cam Lock MK726

With the maturity of the RFID technology, many kinds of RFID cam locks emerge on the market. A good quality RFID lock not only brings conveniences for users, but also reflects the quality of the locker. Therefore, it is very important for users to choose a good RFID lock. Taking our RFID locks MK726 as an example, we are going to talk about advantages of the RFID cam lock MK726 today.


Firstly, the FRID cam lock MK726 has common dimensions.
FRID locks with common dimensions could be easier to integrate into the market. You’d better choose the RFID lock with a standard dimension in order to avoid the process of redesigning the mounting hole. Fortunately, given this consideration, the MK726 chooses 16*19mm as its mounting hole based on the common dimension on the market, so that it could be widely used and replace existing mechanical locks for lockers.

Secondly, the FRID cam lock MK726 has high protecting grades.
Protecting grades can protect the PCB. As we know, the key part of the RFID lock is the PCB. Because dust and water vapour easily interfere with the function of the PCB, there should be some requirements so as to protect the PCB. The protection grade of the RFID Cam Lock MK726 reaches IP54, and it can cut off the dust and vapour. Thus, it is a good choice for the locker in swimming pools, saunas, golf clubs, etc.


Thirdly, the FRID cam lock MK726 has long service life.
The long service life of the RFID cam lock MK726 surpasses its costs. Objectively, compared with traditional mechanical locks, RFID cam locks will cost more. RFID cam locks are required to have a longer service life. Taking the RFID cam lock MK726 (Desfire system) for an example, it can be used for more than 40,000 times according to the latest testing result. That means if we use the RFID cam lock for ten times everyday, it will still have a service life of more than 10 years. It is totally worthy of the cost.

Fourthly, the FRID cam lock MK726 has the special system.
RFID cam lock is usually applied to public places such as gyms, schools, hospitals, etc. It is necessary to manage the user with different levels due to different situations in public places. The RFID cam lock MK726 has three levels of management, that is, the main admin key for the program, the admin key for the master user and the other key for the user. These three keys are good matches for RFID cam locks. It is worth mentioning that the number of the users for a RFID cam lock can be up to 100, which makes the RFID cam lock suitable for many users who share one lock.

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Finally, the FRID cam lock MK726 doesn’t require external programming devices.
Users are concerned about the way of programming RFID cam locks. It is very troublesome for a layman to program the RFID cam lock. However, the RFID cam lock MK726 accepts Mifare Classic or Desfire solution in the area of 13.65MHZ. It doesn’t require external programming devices and is compatible with the existing Mifare one system, bringing more convenience for users.

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