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What is the RFID Lock?

An RFID lock, also called the IC card lock, is the electronic lock adopting the radio frequency card as the key. With the RFID technology, the radio frequency card can be contactless to open the lock while the old-style contactable card requires the physical contact with a reader. It is such a technology that the usage of the REID lock is convenient and safe.

What is the RFID Lock?(图1)

With the technical breakthrough in the field of electron devices, the radio frequency card can open the lock without batteries or contact.

The RFID technology is the recognition system with the help of the electromagnetic waves to transmit signals. The identified object itself consists of devices to receive and transmit electromagnetic waves. This technology is mainly used for automatic fare collection systems of buses, ferry and subways, and is applied in the field of the electronic locking system, access control systems, identification systems and E-wallets.

Advantages of RFID access control systems for the public areas
RFID control access systems offer the function of tracking people entering and leaving the space. Once the system is connected with other information systems, the movement of the certain people can be under control.

What is the RFID Lock?(图2)

With the RFID lock system, RFID cards of the RFID lock can be effective or ineffective in real-time operation. At the same time, the validity of the RFID card is under control because the valid period of the RFID card can also be set.

The RFID lock can be set to be unlocked automatically in emergency situations. For example, all the RFID locks can be unlocked automatically at the time of the fire.

For home use, the RFID lock is not used to replace the mechanical lock due to the cost and the traditional concept. As the implement of the Internet of Things and the Internet Plus, it can be believed that there are more families willing to use the RFID lockof the RFID access control system.

What is the RFID Lock?(图3)

Besides, it should be noted that the active RFID is safer with higher costs while the passive RFID card can is easy to be duplicated with low security and less cost.

The RFID lock can be opened while the card is scanned by the RFID reader. Moreover, the RFID lock can also be opened by the key. The contactless RFID card is very convenient with high induction speed.

With the help of the wireless communication technology, the card of the RFID lock works when the whole RFID card itself is totally sealed and has no metallic contact s exposed in the air. Furthermore, the card, the key of the RFID lock, is also workable under various working conditions.



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