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What kind of lock is safer for plastic cabinets?

With the mature application of ABS plastic products, ABS cabinets have been used in many occasions. Based on the characteristics of ABS such as waterproof, anti-corrosion, environmental protection and durability, more and more schools, gyms, and swimming pools are beginning to adopt ABS cabinets.


What kind of lock is safer for plastic cabinets?(图1)

In the past, plastic cabinets mostly used key locks to protect the safety of users’ belongings. But with the wide application of plastic cabinets, plastic cabinet locks are gradually facing upgrading. So, what kind of locks are safer for plastic cabinets?


As far as the current plastic cabinets are concerned, the commonly used locks mainly include the following:


4 digit code lock: mainly refers to the mechanical code lock. The password setting of the lock is simple, and can be unlocked without a key. When the password is forgotten, the password can be retrieved through the master key, which is convenient to use. Make’s 4 digit code lock MK716 also has an resettable function. When the cabinet door is opened, the dials will return to the “0” position to prevent the code from leaking and affect the safety of the plastic cabinet.


Electronic RFID lock: using RFID induction technology, the advantage is sensitive response, faster unlocking; the key is a bracelet or card. Make RFID lock has a special handle to make opening more convenient. In addition, it has a multi-level management system, which is easy to set up and easy to manage, so users are more convenient to use.


Electronic code lock: an intelligent electronic lock commonly used in plastic cabinets. Make electronic code lock covers keypad code locks and touch keypad code locks. The combination of codes is large and the security level is high. There are two main highlights: First, it is equipped with an emergency lock cylinder. When encountering problems such as no power supply, circuit failure, or password loss, emergency unlocking can help us quickly unlock the lock without damaging the lock or cabinet. The second is the ability to freely switch between public mode and private mode. When in the public mode, the user can set his own password and save the item. After the item is removed, the password will be automatically cleared until the next user resets it. The function is practical and the setting is simple. This public mode is especially suitable for schools gymnasiums, hospitals, offices, etc.

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