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See how the keypad combination cam lock is different from other locks!

In recent years, as lockers have become more and more popular in life, lockers of various functions and forms have appeared in office buildings, schools, airports, train stations, gyms, saunas, swimming pools and supermarkets, etc.


So, what factors make lockers highly favored? How will the keypad combination cam lock create a high-security storage environment for you?

See how the keypad combination cam lock is different from other locks!(图1)

With the improvement of public safety awareness, the storage cabinets in many places have been upgraded to provide safer and more convenient storage services for everyone. At the same time, the safety upgrade of the lockers is essential to be placed in the first place.


How can users ensure a safer storage environment while enjoying the convenience of the locker?



Perhaps many people think that lockers using fingerprint locks, face recognition locks will more intelligent and advanced, but for now, keypad combination cam lock is still a more practical lock.



Today we will introduce a keypad combination cam lock to you.


MK731 is a high-quality electronic keypad combination lock. It is used for various scenes such as locker lock, sauna cabinet lock, filing cabinet lock, etc.



MK731 is made of zinc alloy material, with a 1cm thin panel, which can perfectly fit various cabinet surfaces; the length of the cam can be adjusted to match a variety of applications, and the power consumption is relatively low. The all-silicone button has excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, and it feels quite comfortable when used.


See how the keypad combination cam lock is different from other locks!(图2)

The password is set and changed by the user, and the lock can be unlocked by entering the password, easy to operate; IP54 dustproof and waterproof rating, especially suitable for wet environments such as gyms, swimming pools, bathing centers, etc.



There is an emergency lock cylinder in the center of the MK731 handle, equipped with a master key. Its purpose is to provide users with an emergency unlocking function when the electronic lock cannot be opened normally, so that users can unlock the locks without damaging the locks or cabinets.



It also has a free switching function between public mode and private mode. The user sets his own password and saves the item. After the item is taken away, the password is automatically cleared until the next user resets it.


In addition, for the convenience of users, MK731 also has a low-voltage alarm prompt to ensure user storage safety.



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