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How does Make electronic code lock make the locker smarter?

In modern life, public places such as bathing centers, gyms, and swimming pools are everywhere, and in these places, lockers are indispensable. With the continuous updating and upgrading of locker products, lockers equipped with smart electronic locks have gradually replaced the traditional key lockers with the advantages of simple operation, safety and reliability, and have been favored by consumers.


Electronic password lock is one of the intelligent locks commonly used in lockers in recent years. From the current level of technology and market recognition, the electronic password lock still occupies a large proportion in the locker market. In the intelligent technology is sought after today, how does the electronic password lock MK731 make the locker more intelligent?


To ensure the security of the password lock, the most important thing is to ensure the security of the password, and prevent the password leakage. MK731 has a large number of password combinations to prevent password leakage.


In gyms, swimming pools and other places, the users of the locker often change. Correspondingly, electronic password locks also need to have public mode to grant users temporary access rights. MK731 electronic code lock can be switched public mode and private mode freely. The user sets his own password and saves the item. After taking the item, the password is automatically cleared until the next user resets it.

How does Make electronic code lock make the locker smarter?(图2)

Since users do not always remember their own passwords, when the unlocking password is forgotten, the importance of the emergency unlocking function is highlighted. MK731 electronic code lock equip with a master key to help users emergency unlock if the lock cannot be opened normally, so that the user can unlock the lock without breaking the lock or cabinet. All-round protection of users’ belongings and information security.


The Mk731 electronic code lock has a dust-proof and waterproof rating of IP54, which is especially suitable for wet environments such as gyms, swimming pools, bathing centers, etc., to provide security for the users!



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