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What problems should be paid attention to in the use of smart locker locks?

With the development of the industry, smart locker locks have been recognized by most people. But the smart locker lock is not a ” perpetual motion machine”. In the process of use, it will occasionally strike, causing some small problems and troubles to our daily life.

smart locker lock

So, what problems should we be paid attention to in the use? How can we solve it? Let’s take a look at the countermeasures of MAKE smart locker lock.

Problem 1: Battery life

The strength of the battery life determines the service cycle of the smart locker lock. Once the battery life is poor, we are not only faced with the low battery indicator light on, but may even be a horror story of power off!

MAKE smart locker lock

Solution: MAKE smart locker lock use AA or AAA alkaline dry batteries, which have high battery capacity, long battery life and relatively constant discharge performance. They can be unlocked continuously for more than 10,000 times.

Once the battery is too low, there will be a sound and an indicator light warning to remind the user to replace the battery in time to ensure normal use.

Problem 2: Can it adapt to harsh environments

Sometimes, the smart locker lock faces harsh application environments (such as cold, humidity, and high temperature). In these environments, once the adaptability is poor, the smart locker lock is easy to “short-lived”.

locker lock

Solution: MAKE smart locker lock is made of zinc alloy all-metal, which is durable. The surface is treated with high quality, which is waterproof, dustproof and moistureproof, and is not afraid of any harsh environment.


Problem 3: Is the response sensitive?

Smart locker locks often have problems such as insensitive response and unstable performance. For example, the touch keypad lock often cannot be opened even after entering the password, this will affect the user’s experience.


smart  lock



MAKE smart locker lock adopts the international famous MCU/touch screen chip, the performance is very stable. Even in the cold winter, it can accurately input every password. The touch screen is very responsive, and it will not easily strike due to cold weather and dry finger skin.

With the above solutions, I believe that the use of smart locker lock is no longer a problem!



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