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What is combination cam lock?

Combination cam lock is a commonly used type of lock. Whether it is mechanical or electronic, combination cam lock is a great “helper” in our daily life.

What is a combination cam lock? Combination cam lock, as the name implies, is a combination lock with the function of cam. When the lock is switched on and off, it mainly relies on the rotation of the dead bolt to realize the locking of the system. This method is simple and durable (the deadbolt is not easy to break), and can reduce the occurrence of unlocking due to mistakes.


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What are the types of combination cam locks? According to the different lock structures, combination cam locks can be divided into mechanical combination locks and key combination cam locks. As a manufacturer of locks, MAKE provides four-digit combination locks and key combination cam locks, providing safe and convenient services for the majority of users.

Four-digit combination cam lock: the password is mainly composed of four digits, and the password of the four-digit combination lock is composed of four digits. When using it, you only need to dial the correct password to unlock it. It is simple and easy to remember. Bring users a convenient and fast experience.

The four-digit combination cam lock has reset function. When the user unlocks the lock, the code wheel will automatically return to zero, which will not cause our code to be leaked, and there is no need to manually disrupt the code  wheel. When the code is forgotten, the emergency key can be used to unlock the lock, which is convenient and worry-free.

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The keypad cam lock is made of zinc alloy material, the length of the lock bolt can be adjusted, it can be used in various occasions, and the power consumption is relatively lower.

The lock body is thin and comfortable to use. The password can be set and changed by the user, and the lock can be unlocked by entering the password, which is easy to operate; IP54 dustproof and waterproof, and the antibacterial function can be upgraded, especially suitable for humid environments such as gyms, swimming pools, and bathing centers.

In addition, MAKE keypad cam lock is equipped with an emergency key and the function of free switching between public and private modes. The emergency key can help users quickly open the cabinet when they forget the password or encounter a failure; the switch between public and private modes provides convenience for the use of lockers and storage cabinets in public places and private places.

MAKE Combination Cam Lock has various types, rich functions, and starts from the details, bringing users a different experience and winning the favor of the majority of users.



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