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What are the advantages of wireless smart lock?

Wireless smart lock serve as one-stop solution for financial, power, and logistics equipment. What are its advantages? What problems does it solve? Where does it excel in terms of usability? Taking the example of wireless smart lock M5 from MAKE, here is a summary:


Key-powered design

M5 no wiring requied,all power provided by the key, solving issues such as difficult installation, charging, or battery replacement with traditional locks.

One key for multiple locks

The working principle of M5 is that it has a built-in encrypted chip. When electronic key is inserted into wireless smart lock, it opens the specific lock through electronic programming. It achieves the functionality of one key can unlock many locks, eliminating the inconvenience of users having to carry multiple keys for different locks, truly black technology in locksmithing.


Authorization of unlocking permissions

M5 sets up three levels of management permissions, facilitating hierarchical management and preventing security breaches. Companies can authorize unlocking permissions on the platform to ensure controllable access for personnel.

In addition, M5 provides long-term or temporary authorization to flexibly respond to various unexpected events. For example, when an employee leaves or a key is lost, there is no need to replace the lock or retrieve the key. Simply cancel the authorization on the platform. The operation is simple, convenient, and efficient, ensuring lock security from the source.

Unlock Recordable

The key records every unlocking moment in real-time. You can log into the cloud management system form MAKE, select the key you need to read on the platform, and view detailed unlocking data, including the unlocking key, unlocking time, etc. The data is traceable and retrievable, which helps enterprises to systematically manage employees and equipment.

In summary, wireless smart locks have become a preferred choice for many enterprises due to their advantages in convenient usage, controllable management, and data recording and tracking.



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