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How to unlock four-digit combination lock if I forget the password?

Four-digit combination lock is product that controls the opening and closing of a mechanical device through the input of a four-digit password.

The four-digit combination lock eliminates the inconvenience of carrying a key, allowing users to easily unlock the door simply by remembering a password. This convenience is especially suitable for storage cabinets, ABS cabinets, and lockers. However, while this feature represents advantage, it can also be disadvantage. If a user forgets their password, it can create significant trouble and inconvenience for the organization.

MAKE taking into account the actual experience of users, has continuously improved its products and developed four-digit combination lock that specifically addresses the issue of forgotten passwords. The lock offers two complementary methods to ensure that users can still unlock it even if they forget their password, ensuring its advantages.

1.Master Key Unlock

MAKE’s four-digit combination lock typically comes with master key. When user forgets password, the enterprise can use this master key to unlock the lock. This method is simple, convenient, and effective, providing quick way to unlock the lock and alleviate the user’s anxiety.

2.Retrieve Password to Unlock

In addition to using master key for unlocking, some locks can also be unlocked by retrieving the password. MAKE’s four-digit combination lock allows for password retrieval using two methods. One is the “Management Key + Probe” method, and the other is the Management Key method.

How to retrieve a forgotten password using the “Management Key + Probe” method?The steps are as follows:

(1)Using master key unlock and turn the knob handle to the specified position.

(2)Align the probe to the four holes inside the lock, insert the probe and hold it in place.

(3)Rotate the password wheels in sequence until they are stopped, and the last numbers displayed are the current code.

The method to retrieve the password using the management key approach is to omit the second step mentioned above, while the other operations remain the same.

Despite being more complicated to operate than the previous method, can still resolve the issue of how to unlock the lock when users forget their password. It is important to note that master key is not optional and plays a crucial role in critical moments. Therefore, when using the four-digit combination lock on a daily basis, it is imperative for enterprises to keep master key securely.




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