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The “hard power” and “soft power” of the four-digit mechanical combination lock

In the era of popular smart locks, why does the four-digit mechanical combination lock continue to thrive? Take a look at the classic four-digit mechanical combination lock MK718 from MAKE. With its unique “hard power” and “soft power”, it has secured a place in the competitive market.

Hard Power: The Foundation of Security

Diamond-cut Metal Knob: MK718 is crafted from zinc alloy and all metal lock body with diamond cut grains, offering not only enhanced security but also added aesthetics. Each rotation is a dual treat of tactile sensation and beauty.

Metal Dial Password: Unlike ordinary plastic password wheels, MK718 employs metal dials that are wear-resistant and scratch-proof, effectively preventing security risks caused by password wear, thus adding an extra layer of protection to your password security.

25mm laser Key: This specially crafted 25mm engraved key serves as a master key for retrieving passwords, providing a convenient solution for those who frequently forget their combinations.

Waterproof and Corrosion-resistant: MK718 has undergone rigorous salt spray tests, cross-cut tests, and reverse solution tests, demonstrating its waterproof and corrosion-resistant capabilities. Even in harsh outdoor environments, it maintains excellent performance, ensuring long-term stable operation.

Soft Power: Intelligent Experience

Scramble dial function: The dials auto scramble to 0-0-0-0 when the you close the lock, effectively preventing others from peeking at the combination and ensuring the security of the lock after each use.

Recover lost code in 6 seconds: MK718 innovatively adopts an engraved key to replace the traditional probe used in the previous generation, significantly reducing the code retrieval time to within 6 seconds, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

Flexible Dual-Mode Switching: Depending on the usage scenario, MK718 offers the flexibility to choose between  private and  public mode, catering to the different needs of fixed personnel and transient users respectively.

Four-digit mechanical combination lock MK718  possesses both strong software and hardware capabilities, and it is recommended for locker companies to utilize.



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