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What are the advantages of the password cam lock over the key lock?

Password locking is a common lock in school, hospital, factory, office, airport, railway station, swimming pool, bath, club locker and safe.


With the rapid development of intelligent electronic lock and fingerprint lock, the password cam lock is still a more practical lock. So what are the advantages of password cam lock? Compared with key lock, password cam lock has these advantages:

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1. Higher security

The first major advantage of a password cam lock over a key lock is undoubtedly greater security.

The structure of the password cam lock is more complex than the key lock. The password is composed of a series of numbers or symbols, usually 4 to 10 digits, with a large number of combinations. Some password cam locks also have resettable function: when the password lock is opened, the dials will all return to the “0” position, to prevent the password leak. It is because of the more complex structure, more combinations of passwords and anti-password disclosure features, password cam lock has higher security.

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2. No key required

In an age when key locks are widely used, forgetting or losing keys has become a worry for many people. Keys are gradually becoming a nuisance to everyone. Until now, many children and old people are still afraid to carry keys. Password cam lock uses the password to open the door, the user can open the lock without the key, the password combination is usually short and easy to remember, it is very convenient to use. With the password cam lock, you don’t have to worry about the key anymore.



3. Convenient management

Another major advantage of the password cam lock is the ease of management. With the continuous improvement of infrastructure in schools, offices, swimming pools and other places, lockers have been widely used in these scenarios. For some large swimming pools or gyms, the number of lockers is quite large. Therefore, if the use of key locks, management is not only inconvenient, but also increase the workload of staff. Password cam lock is generally equipped with a master key system. Equipped with master keys, can help users in an emergency to unlock and recover the password, without the staff to find a string of a string of keys to unlock.


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