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Overloaded with holiday travel? Make Locker Lock helps you solve it

Travel is the first choice of many people on holiday. But with the heavy packages, relaxed travel has become a lot of people’s hopes. Therefore, lockers have become a popular equipment in major scenic spots.


However, while the lockers have eased the burden on tourists, they have become a bit stressful for the staff. On the one hand, the locker should protect the safety of tourists’ goods, on the other hand, it should make it more convenient for tourists to use. At this time, how to choose the appropriate locker lock for locker, to provide more humanized services, is an urgent problem for the major scenic spots.


Overloaded with holiday travel? Make Locker Lock helps you solve it(图1)

In the past, locks equipped with lockers in scenic spots were generally opened with a key. If the key is lost, it is difficult to identify the owner. At the same time, the lockers need to be taken care of by special personnel, which also brings huge operational pressure to the scenic spot. In view of the above two problems, a better solution is to use Make’s locker lock-4 digit combination lock MK706.


MK706 is a 4 digit combination lock suitable for lockers. Users can set password to unlock the lock without a key, which is simple and convenient. And the password is only four digit, not easy to forget, even when the password is forgotten, the administrator can help visitors unlock by the master key.

Compared with key locks, the security of Make locker locks has been greatly improved. The key combination reaches 10,000. The number of combinations is large and it is not easy to be deciphered. In addition, MK706 is also equipped with a master key system, one master key can manage multiple password locks, making it easier for scenic managers.


In addition to being safe and convenient, the MK706 is also designed to be more user-friendly.

It has a handle on the side, so it is very convenient for the user to open. The use of ABS and the design of rounded corners, so that the lock shell surface is more smooth, and it is safety for children.


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