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Let Make tell you who to choose between mechanical code lock and electronic code lock!

Mechanical code locks and electronic code locks are both code locks, both of which provide security for everyone. Judging from the current situation today, electronic code locks seem to have a tendency to replace mechanical code locks. So, is the electronic code lock destined to replace the mechanical code lock in the future?


Let Make tell you who to choose between mechanical code lock and electronic code lock!(图1)

Of course the answer is no! With the development of the lock industry, both mechanical code locks and electronic code locks have been improved in terms of their performance and appearance. However, since both mechanical code locks and electronic code locks have their own advantages, choose which one seems to be a problem. Make will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of mechanical code locks and electronic code locks one by one, hoping to provide you with some references.


A mechanical code lock, as the name implies, is a lock that is opened mechanically. The mechanical code lock is equipped with code dials, turn the dails to the corresponding code to open the lock. There are various types of mechanical code locks, among which 4 digit code locks are more common. In places such as swimming pools, schools, gymnasiums, etc., due to the large amount of lockers that require frequent operation, mechanical password locks are a good choice. This is because the mechanical code lock has a simple and stable structure, and strong reliability; no key is required, no need to worry about battery problems, and a long service life. In addition, the high-quality mechanical code lock is not afraid of moisture, low requirements for the use of the environment, and has strong practicability. However, the combination of mechanical code locks is relatively low, which is its disadvantage.


Electronic combination lock is through the password input to control the circuit or chip, so as to control the lock or unlock. For use scenarios with high security requirements, such as offices, filing cabinets, safes, etc., electronic passwords are the better choice. This is because the structure of the electronic password lock is more complex, the number of password combinations is relatively more, so relative to the mechanical password lock, the security performance is higher. In addition, the electronic password lock in the function is also more rich, joined the multiple management system and private mode and public mode function, not only to facilitate the management of the locker, but also more convenient for the users. However, the electronic password lock is not perfect, its battery dependence, circuit failure and other issues need to find customer service.


Nothing is perfect. In general, the mechanical password lock and electronic password lock have their own advantages and shortcomings. In the selection, we can combine the application scenarios, security requirements and other perspectives to choose a more appropriate lock.



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