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How does Make password lock make the locker safer?

Among the locks used in lockers, the password lock is a common lock. In most lockers, the commonly used code locks are mechanical password locks and electronic password locks. The two kinds of  locks correspond to different technologies, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.


How does Make password lock make the locker safer?(图1)

Let’s take a look at how Make’s mechanical and electronic password locks make the lockers safer~


Electronic password lock is the product of the development of technology in the era of intelligence.

Make electronic password lock mainly has two types: button keypad lock and touch keypad lock, password is set and changed by the user, to ensure the safety of storage cabinet property.



Make electronic password lock can be set up three levels of management, corresponding to different use permissions, equipped with public and private mode switch, so that the management of intelligent electronic lock more convenient.


Mechanical combination locks are more stable, durable and do not require power. Due to the long history of the development of mechanical password lock, all aspects of technology are quite mature.


Make mechanical code locks are mainly four digit code locks, which are made of high-quality zinc alloy. The surface is treated with a special process. The appearance is stylish. It can be matched with various lockers and can improve the grade of the lockers. At the same time, the zinc alloy material is not easy to wear, but also is moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, and has a long service life.


At the same time, make four password lock also humanized design of resettable function and master key. Resettable function allows the user to unlock or lock the lockers without revealing the password. The master key allows users to unlock the lock in an emergency, or to retrieval the password when they forget, which greatly improves the management efficiency and user experience.



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