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Make intelligent office locker lock—RISE series

What kind of locks are reliable, intelligent, safe and elegant?

Make’s new rise series of intelligent office locker locks, with multiple unlocking methods such as buttons, touch screens and induction, are the fashionable first choice of office locker in the new era.


Swipe card electronic lock

MK729 Swipe card electronic lock

The card swiping electronic lock MK729 of Make adopts a classic one-in-one full screen design, which can perfectly fit all kinds of office storage cabinets made of various materials, including iron cabinets, wood cabinets, anti magnification cabinets and so on. MK729 lock is made of metal, and the inner compartment unlocking executive structure adopts an isolated design. Even if the panel is pried open, it can not be unlocked, and the overall structure is safer and more stable. At the same time, MK729 is compatible with NFC of mobile phones, and it can be easily unlocked with only one mobile phone.


Key password lock

MK730 Key password lock


The MK730 keypad password lock of Make has undergone rigorous surface treatment, and its waterproof and anti-corrosion reaches IP55 level. In addition, antibacterial ingredients are added to the coating material of the body and the silicone keys, which can play a good antibacterial role against bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, and more meet the strong needs of users for health and safety in public use scenarios.


Touch screen electronic lock

MK735 Touch screen electronic lock

The MK735 high-end touch keypad electronic lock of Make, the distance between the digital keys is more than 7mm, and the moderate spacing can prevent accidental touch. A light touch of the fingertip can quickly respond, greatly improving the unlocking efficiency. The lock is equipped with a timed unlocking function, and the manager can freely set the unlocking time, with accuracy of no difference between minutes and seconds, and remote management is efficient and convenient.


Make rise series office locker locks are intelligent electronic locks that better meet the needs of high-end office furniture. Convenient management meets the needs of efficient management.



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