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RFID electronic lock expert

RFID electronic locks made of different materials are applicable to different scenarios according to their different characteristics. As an expert in RFID electronic locks, Make has a number of different types of inductive electronic locks, which fully match a variety of application scenarios such as private, public, low-end and high-end.

RFID electronic lock

Mk723 is a plastic RFID electronic lock, which is waterproof and moisture-proof, and can better adapt to wet environments such as swimming pools and Spa halls. In addition, the plastic itself is lighter, which is more suitable for such plastic cabinets as school bag cabinets.


Mk726 is made of zinc alloy, which breaks through the modeling tradition of conventional RFID electronic locks. The overall round shape of mk726 is matched with a water drop shaped frame, and the lines are smooth without losing the sense of design. The compact size can match various types of cabinets. With the three-level management wearable induction bracelet, the operation is simple and easy to learn.

RFID lock

Mk732 is a separate induction electronic lock. The lock body has an automatic locking function. It can not be opened without operation within 3 seconds after unlocking. The safety system is high. The two sides of the lock body are also equipped with a grip design, which can open the cabinet door with a gentle pull after unlocking. The fashionable appearance is also very flattering.


All kinds of RFID electronic locks of Make shine in their appropriate fields. In the future, Make will continue to pay attention to product quality and function optimization to create better products for customers.



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