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MAKE campus schoolbag cabinet lock to report!

The golden ninth school season is coming soon! Many campuses are working overtime to rectify the internal environment to meet the new students. More and more schools choose to arrange bag cabinets in the campus to store students’ bags, books, stationery, etc., which can not only ensure the beautiful and clean classroom, but also provide a comfortable learning environment for students. A safe bookcase lock not only makes students feel more comfortable, but also makes the management of schoolcase more easy.



The RFID cabinet lock mk732 with handle is made of metal, which is more suitable for the schoolbag cabinet on campus. Most of the cabinets are plastic products with higher color matching. The RFID system is used with the bracelet of the three-level management system, and the key switch lock is not required to minimize the possibility of replacement and replacement of locks caused by key loss. At the same time, the management personnel can more systematically manage the bookcase with the bracelet.


The campus password book bag cabinet lock mk706 with handle is also a product recognized by customers. The design of four digit word wheel and knob switch relies on the password to manage the switch lock, which is more friendly to the user group students. There is almost no threshold for entry. Students only need to set a four digit password freely to access items. The password change setting is convenient, and the user can complete the password change without the handover of the key. The administrator can also complete the operation of helping the user to retrieve the password by means of the probe and the management key.


Digit Combination Locker Lock

Let us welcome the new students with the lock of the school bag and cabinet on the campus!



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