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What kind of locker lock is suitable for swimming pool?

In hot summer, the best way to cool down is to plunge into a cool swimming pool. In a summer resort, we naturally need a safe locker lock to protect our belongings, so that we can enjoy ourselves without worry. So, what type of locker lock is most suitable for swimming pools?


In the humid environment of the swimming pool, if the locker lock is made of iron or zinc alloy, it is easy to rust and corrode after years of use, which brings poor user experience. At the same time, the operation and maintenance personnel also need to spend a lot of energy and money on maintenance and replacement of locks.


The locker lock mk726 of Make is perfectly adapted to the wet environment of the swimming pool. Not only is the lock body waterproof and moisture-proof, but also the matched unlocking bracelet has the waterproof function. Users can wear the bracelet and play with peace of mind without worrying about the loss of the key, which will lead to the locking of items, and the user experience is full.

locker  lock

The electronic locker lock closely following the smart trend has a more high-end appearance design, intimate two-sided grips and free switching between public and private modes. It is not only suitable for swimming pools, but also meets the needs of gymnasiums, saunas and other scenes.

If it is not safe, it will not be happy. Let Make become the guardian of the safety and happiness of the locker in your swimming pool.



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