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Detail, taste, emotion, creation aesthetics of MAKE office furniture lock

The master of aesthetics, Mr. Zhu Guangqian once said: “What is beauty? beauty is not only in things, but also in the heart. It is in the relationship between the heart and the things. all beauties must be created by the soul.” Especially the locks that are close to life, injecting Inspired by the aesthetics of art, can upgrade the style of living or working environment. MAKE office furniture locks adhering to the design concept of detail , taste,  emotion, in the simple and stylish office environment, office furniture lock can be described as ” make the finishing point”, giving a gorgeous home feel to people.

Detail, taste, emotion, creation aesthetics of MAKE office furniture lock(图1)

A comfortable and safe office environment is very important for office workers. The details of the MAKE furniture lock are wonderful. The four-digit password lock makes it easy to get rid of the trouble of finding the key, and the search tool can quickly retrieve the password, and also equipped with master keys for emergency unlocking.


For enterprises, in addition to the staff office area and meeting rooms, there is also a very important area – the archives room. Items stored in the archives area usually need to be kept confidential. Take employee files as an example, some companies will manage archives according to the method of “one person one file, one file one drawer, one drawer one lock, and one keeper”, so as to achieve accurate search, convenient storage, safe and reliable effect. Make office furniture four-digit password lock with master key system, key combination can reach tens of thousands. Managers only need to carry one key to manage hundreds of thousands of file cabinets, which solves the original trouble of “heavy key ring”.

Detail, taste, emotion, creation aesthetics of MAKE office furniture lock(图2)

Generally speaking, the aesthetic design style of “detail + taste + emotion” applied in the field of office furniture lock conveys a message of happy office work, and this design idea has been affirmed by users. In the research and development of office furniture locks, MAKE will continue to integrate the needs of the new office furniture market and the real feedback from the vast number of users, and introduce personalized and customized office furniture locks into the market.



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