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Classification of password lock

In schools, hospitals, factories, offices, airports, railway stations, swimming pools, baths, clubs, lockers and safes, we can often see the password lock. The password of the lock is usually only a number arrangement rather than a real combination, and it is opened by a series of numbers or symbols.


From the law of technological development, in the case of similar functions, simple and reliable things can always replace complicated things, and password locks are changing from the complex to the simple. Therefore, the intelligent password lock has become a popular new practical product.


According to different ways of password unlocking, at present, in the more common cabinet products on the market, the commonly used password locks can be divided into: mechanical password locks, electronic code locks, RFID password locks, fingerprint code locks, remote control code locks, etc. Different unlocking methods naturally correspond to different key technologies, and the advantages and disadvantages are also different.


Mechanical password lock: the mechanical password lock is relatively stable, durable, and does not need power supply, and the four in one password lock is more common. But the operation method is slow to learn, inconvenient to operate, and it needs professional personnel to change the password.

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Electronic password lock: The electronic password lock has the advantages of fast operation, simple and random modification of the password, and only need to input 0-9 digits to unlock. Although the price of electronic code locks has dropped in the past few years, the quality has also improved. Because the internal structure is more complicated and there is no mechanical maturity in terms of technology, the mechanical code lock is slightly better.


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RFID coded lock: The RFID password lock allows you to open the door of the safe with IC card, which is easy to operate, responsive and safe. However, the requirements for the IC card are relatively high. If the object is in contact with a strong magnetic object, the IC card may be weakened and the password lock cannot be opened.

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Fingerprint password lock: Each fingerprint is unique in this world. Therefore, applying fingerprint identification technology to password lock has been a major breakthrough in the lock industry. It is characterized by strong confidentiality and convenience. And position of the finger. If you accidentally injure the fingerprint, you may face the embarrassing situation that the recognition fails to enter the door.



In addition, from the password disk of the lock, it can also be divided into a rotary dial lock, a dial lock, a push-button lock, and a touch-screen lock. Regardless of the form of the password disk, the most important thing to check is the level of its security.


There are many kinds of password locks with different functions. Although their security performance is very high, users must avoid some common password setting habits when setting passwords, such as birthday, 1234, 6666, 8888 and other common passwords. Don’t leave opportunities for thieves to crack.



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