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The series of MAKE high-end locker lock

The delicacy of life is not only on the surface, but also reflected in the aesthetics of the details. MAKE’s high-end locker lock series combines safety and quality, changing the traditional storage method and making quality life visible!

RISE series intelligent electronic lock

RISE series intelligent electronic locks are high-end office storage product lines. RISE stands for Reliable, Intelligent, Security, Elegant, Respectively, and is an excellent representative of MAKE’s high-end locker lock products.


locker lock

The series are all made of all-metal lock bodies, with a simple and elegant appearance. Each product has  unique “wave line” and “smile curve”, which are highly recognizable and unique in style.

In terms of performance, RISE series adopts international chips with stable performance; The three-level management system can authorize different users to ensure the safety of use. Two modes are available: the private mode is suitable for personnel fixed locker/office furniture; The public mode is suitable for the public locker, and has practical functions.

CORE series mechanical combination lock

CORE series are the classics of MAKE mechanical combination locks. It stands for convenient, automatic reset to 0, resettable, environmetal, which means the convenience and environmental protection of MAKE’s lock.




CORE series is made of zinc alloy material. With a unique “Scramble Dial Function”, the dials auto scramble to 0-0-0-0 when you close the lock.; If you forget the dials, you can recover lost code in 6 seconds through the master key and unlock it in an emergency.

locker lock

CORE series are treated with severe surface treatment such as waterproof and anti-corrosion. Whether it is indoor or outdoor lockers, it is an ideal choice.

IoT Lock

MAKE IoT locker lock adopts Bluetooth/Zigbee/face recognition technology, unlock by scanning the code/face recognition through the APP.The use information is managed by the platform, which not only ensures the safety, but also enables the controllable access and use query of the lock, which not only brings users a high-end use experience, but also facilitates the management of the locker.

Choosing our high-end locker locks can make your life more delicate and bring you a different experience.





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