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Prevent password leakage, improve the security

With the change of demand, the function and safety factor of mechanical combination lock is gradually increasing. In particular in terms of security, the mechanical combination lock is considered to be inferior to the intelligent electronic lock, and gradually falls behind in the fierce lock market competition.


mechanical combination lock

How to improve the security of the mechanical combination lock, so that it can better adapt to the needs of today’s times? I think it can start from the prevention of passord revealed.


As we all know, during the use of mechanical combination lock, we need to move the dialswheel to the corresponding position. But after use, we also need to disrupt the digit wheel. This operation not only brings trouble to everyone, but also easily leads to password leakage due to forgotten operation.

mechanical combination lock

On the basis of market research, MAKE Technology made a patent design of “Scramble Dial function” for the research of mechanical combination  lock.

When you close the lock , the dials will auto scramble to 0-0-0-0. It is not necessary to manually dial them out of order, so that the password can be prevented from being leaked. It has further improved in preventing password leakage, protecting user privacy and property security.

mechanical combination lock

Of course, in today’s era, it is not enough to the function.Therefore, MAKE mechanical combination lock is equipped with an emergency management key. When the password is forgotten, the management key can recover lost code in 6 seconds,which not only facilitates the management of staff, but also allows users to use without any security risks.


key lock

MAKE mechanical combination lock is also equipped with public and private mode to meet the use needs.

The public mode is more suitable for lockers, office furniture, lockers, etc. in public places. The private mode is suitable for special use places (such as lockers in high-end clubs). The two modes can be switched freely, with simple and convenient settings and very practical functions.

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