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Some tips when selecting rfid locks as sauna locks

1. Look at the application environment

In sauna, hot spring center, natatorium and other occasions, this kind of place humidity is higher, it is recommended to use electronic rfid locks made of alloy materials or ABS materials, which are not only higher-grade, but also moisture-proof, waterproof, corrosion-proof and the security level will be higher.


2. Look at the locker materials

Generally speaking, the materials of the locker are mostly wood or stainless steel. or wooden lockers, there are more types of electronic card locks available; for stainless steel materials, we need to consider carefully, because stainless steel materials will interfere with the signal. If the electronic card locks used are not suitable, the system is likely to fail. So when buying a sauna lock, make sure whether your cabinet material will affect the signal.


3. Color matching
In addition to the above necessary considerations, the color matching of the electronic rfid lock is also very important. To make your cabinet look stylish, you must choose an electronic rfid lock that matches its color. If you want to pursue simple taste, you can choose Make electronic card lock. Make electronic card lock is made of zinc alloy or ABS material. It is simple and beautiful in appearance, and versatile in color. When matched with the locker, it instantly improves the grade and quality of the locker.



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