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MAKE CORE series cabinet locks, make safety everywhere

In our lives, the importance of lockers to these places is self-evident. They are not only public areas with high utilization rate, but also the safety guarantee of customers’ belongings. As such an important facility, how can lockers enhance everyone’s experience while displaying their style?


MAKE CORE series locker locks allow you to feel the convenience and security at any time.

Automatic return to “0” function

For mechanical combination locks, the most worrying thing is the leakage of the password. Many users often forget to scramble the password wheel after using it, resulting in password leakage.

The CORE series locker locks have the function of “automatic zero reset”. At the moment of locking, the password wheel will automatically reset to zero, which effectively prevents password leakage and protects users’ privacy and property safety.

key find password

During the use of mechanical combination locks, occasionally the password may be forgotten.CORE series locker locks are equipped with an emergency management key. When the user forgets the password, he can use the management key to unlock the lock in an emergency first, and retrieve the password through the “Key to Find Password” function, so that the user no longer has to worry about forgetting the password!

Freely switch between public and private modes

With the wide application of lockers today, many lockers are gradually facing management problems. CORE series locker locks have public and private use modes. Managers can choose the required mode according to the needs of the application scenario, which can effectively improve the utilization rate and facilitate the daily management.

The surface of the MAKE CORE series lock is treated by special processes such as powder coating and painting, and the appearance is stylish, simple and elegant. It is matched with various lockers, which can greatly enhance the appearance.

Originated from user experience, focusing on details, MAKE CORE cabinet lock series makes life safer and more convenient!



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