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MAKE office furniture lock creates a safe and comfortable office space for you

The office is a huge space, bearing the office needs of each company, and also takes on for more than one third of the office workers’ time. With beautiful, comfortable and fashionable office space are gradually becoming new office space matching requirements, also, office security is indispensable.
So, come on in and see how MAKE solves the security needs of office environments for office workers.


The file cabinet is a standard configuration in the office, and is where we store important documents. By configuring a suitable file cabinet for the company, it can completely match the style of the entire office, and at the same time, it can improve the appearance of the office space and bring office fun to a certain extent. However, the key locks used in filing cabinets can be a major drag on the quality of the office.

Solution: exquisite office life needs all aspects, how can the promotion of office style be less embellishment of cabinet lock? The 4 digit code lock of MAKE is simple and elegant in appearance and versatile in color. The 4 digit password lock has simple password setting, convenient unlocking, which can save time for opening the cabinet.

MAKE office furniture lock with excellent quality and high cost performance has won the recognition of customers at home and abroad. In the future, MAKE office furniture lock will continue to provide security for thousands of office workers, and protect everyone’s privacy.



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