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Advantages of MAKE Electronic Keypad Lock

With the advancement of intelligent technology, people are increasingly inclined to choose intelligent and convenient locks, and electronic keypad locks are one of them.

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The electronic keypad lock includes multiple unlocking methods such as button keypad lock and touch keypad lock. It not only has a trendy and fashionable appearance, but also provides a more intelligent and convenient life for everyone. MAKE electronic keypad lock is a product that combines the above advantages.

MAKE electronic keypad lock is made of all metal, with a simple and atmospheric appearance. The lock body is made of all metal (zinc alloy), with round and smooth lines and excellent hand feel. The panel is slim to 1cm and can perfectly match various cabinets. The entire lock is integrated and has a strong texture, highlighting the high-end texture of the cabinet.

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The lock body adopts an integrated design, with the execution structure and circuit tightly fitting together, achieving a dual combination of lightweight and safety.The battery is located in the lock body, avoiding poor contact problems caused by frequent replacement of the battery and improving the stability of the lock itself.Only two standard installation holes are required to complete the installation, which can perfectly match various cabinets and enhance the texture of the cabinet.

MAKE electronic keypad lock has a four level management system: management level, manager level, technical personnel level, and user level. Each level corresponds to different usage and management permissions, and is equipped with a master key for emergency unlocking, making it easy to use and safe to ensure.

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There is also a function to freely switch between fixed mode and temporary mode: fixed mode is suitable for fixed storage cabinets/office furniture managed by dedicated personnel; Temporary mode is suitable for public storage cabinets, where users can set their own password and store items. After using, the password will automatically clear until the next user resets it, making it practical.

The simple and atmospheric appearance, high safety factor, and diverse functional design make the MAKE electronic keypad lock unique. MAKE electronic password lock ensures more security and makes use more convenient.



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