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MK104-30 Core Changeable Cam Lock

Material:Zinc alloy

Finished:Bright chrome

Key  combination:500


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This core changable cam lock is really easy to replace the cylinder by removable key. Come with top quality zinc alloy, it has longer service life than general lock. In addition, there are 500 key combination and people could have a better choice according to their need. Different from the traditional lock, the design of this lock keeps up with the trend of the times under the premise of ensuring the practicality. Do not worry if you lost the password by accident, this core changable cam lock provides master key for emergency opening. Due to the compact design and proper size, it is an ideal item for AD showcase, mail box & tools box, server, street kiosk etc.



  • Wafer key cam lock with master key system available.
  • Master key for emergency opening.
  • Easy to replace the cylinder by removable key.


Q: When will you arrange the production?
A: We usually arrange the production immediately after receiving your payment if we have the item in stock. Otherwise, please confirm with us for lead time.

Q: What is a cam lock locker?
A: Cam Locks are a type of commonly used Lock for many applications such as lockers, safety boxes, cabinets, and drawers. Because of this there are many different types and sizes of Cam Lock and this can make identifying them tricky.

Q: Why is it called a cam lock?
A: Cam locks are L-shaped locking mechanisms that are used to secure cabinets, lockers and other enclosures. They consist of two main parts: a cylindrical keyed nut and a tongue bar (also known as a cam).

Q: What are the advantages of cam lock?
A: The main advantage of cam locks is that they are very easy to install and use. They are also relatively inexpensive. Cam locks can be made of different materials, including brass, steel, and plastic.

Q: Why use cam locks?
A: Cam locks provide a long-lasting solution and prevent theft of private mail. Cam locks are found in many applications within the automotive industry, including campers and motorhomes, fuel filler caps, trailer hitch locks, roof racks and much more.

Q: How strong are cam locks?
A: Durability: Heavy-duty cam locks are built to last. They can withstand intentional damage from would-be thieves, resist corrosion and damage from the elements, and remain strong throughout years of use.




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