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Does combination cam locks that don’t “disclose the password” really exist?

In our life, the combination cam lock is a very commonly used lock. It does not need a power source, and the advantages of easy operation have left a deep impression on the public. Even today when smart electronic locks are occupying the lock industry, combination cam locks still have a place.

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However, during the use of the combination cam lock, the most worrying thing is the leakage of the password. After most combination cam locks are used, the combination dial still stays at the position after the combination is turned on. Once the combination is forgotten, the combination will be leaked and bring security risks.

So, is there a combination cam lock that will not “disclose the password”?

Of course there is! In order to solve the troubles caused by password leakage to Customers#, MAKE has added an scrambling return to “0” function for the four-digit combination cam lock. At the moment of unlocking, the combination code will automatically return to “0” immediately, without manual disturbance. Users don’t worry about forgetting to lock the lock, so that users can say no loudly to the password disclosure!

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For some users, sometimes it is inevitable to forget the combination, which brings challenges to the daily use of combination turn cam locks. MAKE combination cam lock is equipped with an emergency lock cylinder and has the function of quick code search in 6 seconds.


When the password is forgotten, the user can quickly retrieve the password by engraving the key, which is convenient and fast, so that users of any age can no longer worry about forgetting password.

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As a high security combination cam lock manufacturer, MAKE combination cam locks are made of high-quality zinc alloy materials, and the surface is treated by special processes such as powder spraying and painting. The appearance is stylish, simple and elegant, and has strong adaptability. If you want to know more lock information and related quotesplease contact  to MAKE  Security Technology.



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