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A 6S Management Improvement Project Successfully Concluded In Make
Jan 14, 2019

Staff quality are greatly improved! "Lean 6S Project" is successfully concluded in Make.

A 6S management improvement project successfully concluded in Make

On the morning of January 10, Make Security Technology held the closing report conference of the Lean 6S Management Improvement Project. On the conference, we reviewed and summarized the results of the project promotion and commended the 6S gold and silver medal winning team in December 2018.

A 6S management improvement project successfully concluded in Make
At the meeting, there were General Manager Linhui, deputy general manager and staff members of the promotion committee, senior executive of the consulting company (Mr. Fan), members of the advisory group, and excellent entrepreneurs we invited.

After four months of intensive planning, implementation, feedback and competition, the 6S Project was carried out into each division: the manufacturing center, technology center, quality center, procurement center, marketing center and administrative functions and other core areas. The whole plant and all staff are engaged in the project. As a result, we have gained obvious improvement and gratifying results so far.

Since the launch of the 6S project on October 10, 2018, all employees have been mobilized to promote the 6S concept. The company has altogether organized seven trainings for the entire staff of the company, finishing a six-stage rectification, that is, arrangement, reorganization, sweeping, cleaning, cleaning, safety, and quality. For rectification, we carried out improvement measures such as “big bathing”, red card battle, fixed-point photographing, visual management, track management, and management board. In addition, the company formulated various written standards and management mechanisms around all aspects involved in 6S, to make the 6S Project more evidence-based, predictable and rule-obeyed.

During the conference, the head of the 6S project, Lin Pengchun, deputy general manager of Make, and the executive team leaders reviewed and summarized the project and elaborated on the future work ideas. Deputy General Lin Pengchun proposed that the 6S management project only starts and never ends. Most of the results achieved so far are based on high pressure and supervised. In the future, we will turn this execution under high pressure into spontaneous high efficiency, until everyone develops habits and improves the professional qualities!

A 6S management improvement project successfully concluded in Make
The advisory group teacher Wang and Xiao also summarized the project implementation results. The implementation of the 6S project of Make is very smooth, and the contrast of before and after is very obvious. From the high level to the grassroots level, it can be well coordinated and executed from the inside to the outside, indicating that everyone has the determination to do a good 6S. In the later stage, everyone should develop a good habit of conscious maintenance and timely cleaning. Mr. Lin Hui, the general manager of Make, affirmed the achievements of the 6S project and placed high hopes on the future 6S work. The closing of the case is not the end. Since the launch of the 6S, the results have been impressive, but it still needs continuous improvement. Everyone should work harder to make Make more competitive, let staff love their jobs, and make the Make factory more beautiful!

At the end of the conference, the company commended the gold and silver medal winning teams of the 6S evaluated in December, 2018. Mr. Lin personally presented the awards. The C3 workshop from the manufacturing workshop won the 6S gold medal, and the A1 workshop gained the 6S silver medal. The financial center and production office area of the office area shared first place, and each received 6S gold medal.

A 6S management improvement project successfully concluded in Make
A 6S management improvement project successfully concluded in Make
The 6S project is a very practical project for Make, which really brings a lot of benefits to Make. The leadership team attaches great importance to it, and the essence of the participation of all members and the responsibility of everyone make the 6S concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the results can be shared by everyone, and everyone can appreciate it. This is also an important factor in the successful completion of the project.

A 6S management improvement project successfully concluded in Make

After the meeting, the invited entrepreneurs and other guests, as well as the members of the project team visited, compared and accepted the site, which brought a successful conclusion to the closing ceremony. The future can be expected. The 6S project is a long-lasting war, has just begun for Make.

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