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Today's era has entered a new stage of Internet of things. The traditional hardware lock industry also needs to keep pace with the times. According to the development of companies, they need to be appropriately transformed and upgraded. MAKE takes design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service as a whole, providing global customer high-end and safe security locks. MAKE will combine cutting-edge IoT, artificial intelligence and other technologies to carry out intelligent and networked innovative upgrades to traditional industrial locks and commercial locks to create higher product value for customers and bring better user experience or management experience.In the future, MAKE will follow the "1+3N" IoT planning strategy, that is, one MAKE cloud + N types of cutting-edge AIoT technology + N types of industrial and commercial locks + N types of applications. MAKE continues to invest in R&D and innovative technologies in four dimensions--Cloud, Tube, End, Application. It continues to create high-end industrial locks, commercial locks and other product lines with higher added value that are ahead of the industry, and becomes a global leader in the field of industrial locks and commercial locks.

IoT Products


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