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Buying from a lock factory or buying from a device supplier?
Oct 08, 2018

Buying electric locks directly from the lock factory may be cheap, but the quantity you purchase is limited, and you may not get good prices and services. There is also an access control system controller. You can find a company to buy, and the electric lock can be bought by a company. If the problem is shirked, it is not easy to deal with it. It is better to buy it from the controller supplier. The controller manufacturer and supplier generally do not directly produce the electric lock, because the electric lock manufacturing industry does not belong to the electronics industry, but belongs to the machinery. In the processing industry, they generally assess the quality of the locks of each lock factory through testing and trial use. If it is good, controller manufacturers generally use the OEM method to sell, and the brand of their own company, indicating the quality of the product. Be responsible for.

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