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The problems and solutions in the use of combination cam locks

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Combination cam lock is a common type of lock, mainly used on office furniture and lockers. However, when using the combination cam lock, we often encounter questions such as "What should I do if I forget the password?", "Will the password be leaked?", "How to manage the lock more conveniently", etc., which brings troubles to everyone. 

How to solve the problems existing in the use of combination cam lock? Don't worry, MAKE's four-digit combination cam lock provides the perfect solution for everyone.

Question 1: What should I do if my password is leaked?

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MAKE's four-digit combination cam lock has scramble dial function. The dials will auto scramble to 0-0-0-0 when you close the lock. There is no need for users to deliberately shuffle their passwords to prevent password leakage.

Question 2: What should I do if I forget my password?

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The four-digit combination cam lock is equipped with an emergency lock cylinder and key. When you accidentally forget the password, you can use the emergency key to emergency unlock and retrieve the original password. This not only saves everyone from the trouble of forgetting the password, but also Also prevents password lock and cabinet from being "damaged" and reduces user losses.

Question three: How to meet the needs of different places?

The four-digit combination cam lock is configured in two modes: private and public. Private mode can be used in independent personal places, such as personal wardrobes and shoe cabinets, and the password is valid for a long time. In private mode, the lock is closed, and you can enter the password to unlock it when in use.


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Public mode is mostly used in open public places and is suitable. The password is valid once. In the public mode, the lock is in the unlocking state. User can set the code to lock and unlock the lock by himself. The code becomes invalid after the cabinet is opened.

Through the above solutions, MAKE combination cam lock has become different, winning the favor of many users and providing services to more users!


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