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Performance and beauty are both available! Guide for improving the quality of lockers by MAKE lock

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The improvement of the quality of life makes everyone pay more attention to life experience. In schools, hospitals, factories, offices and other places, in addition to the design style, decoration materials, and the setting of the locker, there is a smaller detail—the locker lock, which is often overlooked by us. The locker lock is an important factor to protect and ensure the safety of the locker.


Performance and beauty are both available! Guide for improving the quality of lockers by MAKE lock(图1)

Combination locks are one of the most common locks in lockers. We often say: "Like a person, start with appearance, be loyal to character". And to choose a locker code lock, we also need to start from the appearance, fall into safety, and be loyal to quality. As one of the most commonly used locks in lockers, MAKE applies the ingenuity of excellence to the subtleties of its products. MAKE code lock with its excellent performance and exquisite appearance, helps everyone to improve the user experience.


Safe and secure

MAKE code lock adheres to the concept of safety first, and improves the security of code lock. The password is set and changed by the user; 10-12 digits password buttons, the password combination is large, the safety factor is high, and it is not easy to be cracked.


MAKE code lock also have an emergency lock cylinder equipped with a master key. Its purpose is to provide users with an emergency unlocking function when the code lock cannot be opened normally, so that the user does not need to damage the lock or cabinet. It can be unlocked in an emergency, which is especially convenient for the locker managers in public places.



Exquisite appearance, upgrade the locker grade

The material and finished determine the appearance and quality of the lock. MAKE combination lock is made of zinc alloy material, 1cm thin panel, advanced surface treatment technology, and can perfectly fit all kinds of cabinets. The all-metal appearance is simple but good-looking, and when matched with various cabinets, it can instantly improve the appearance and grade of the locker; at the same time, the zinc alloy material is not easy to wear, but also prevents moisture, heat, corrosion, and has a long service life. Quality is guaranteed.


Multiple functions to ensure safety in all aspects

With the increase in user's needs, the functions of current locks are gradually diversified, as is the code lock. MAKE code lock has a public mode and a private mode, which can be switched freely between the two modes, greatly convenient for managers to manage.